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About Us


Flatline Motorsports is Nevada's fastest Subaru shop. From dozens of high horse power builds, to every day grocery getter engines we have you covered!

Engine Building, Tuning, General Maintenance, Factory service plans, Fabrication.

We Have You Covered

Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection or a repair service, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work. We provide 6-month warranties with all of our services, including built engines!

Our Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our shop only uses OEM parts from Subaru of Las Vegas to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive.


Routine Service



We stock nothing but the best fluids for you car! Motul, Valvoline VR1, and special order by request

OEM Sti & H6 filters in stock

Built EJ engines


 Flatline Motorsports stage "2" engine

-Manley Pistons

-Manley Rods w/ ARP2000s

-King Bearings

-07+ STi crankshaft

-OEM case bolts

-Blue print and assembled in house

Off-road Packages


Subtle Solutions: 1.5" Lift kit + 1.5" RA Kit
Method: 15x7 MR502 VTSpec wheels
BFG: 215/75/15 AT K02 tires
Rally Armor: Mudflaps 

General Maintenance


OEM & Aftermarket services available!

Anything from racecar to grocery getter. We got you covered.

In house EFI tuning


Open source and Cobb tuning available with Dyno time!

Cylinder Heads


In-house cylinder work.

Standard Rebuild to fully built Port and Polished heads, we can get your heads the love they need!

We thank you


Dylan - ★★★★★

"Dominic is a staple in the Las Vegas Subaru community. His knowledge and skills vastly transcend his age, as he is incredibly talented and does top tier work. Dominic will go to no end for his customers. He has traveled hundreds of miles to assist me as a buyer, merely giving a multipoint inspection and compression test, on a car I was not committed to (and ultimately didn't) buy. Dominic does all of the right things to start the client/customer relationship off on the proper foot, and does whatever he can to continue that trend. Personally, being treated like family, receiving copious amounts of (often free) advice, and paying fair prices are all priorities, and those are things you can expect from Flatline Motorsports."

Phi - ★★★★★

"I had a few bolt-ons and some customizations done to my 15 wrx. I was recommended by many locals to go see Dominic. And surely the recommendations did not fail me. Not only Dom paid attention to details on every job, he works really fast knowing that there's Always a waiting list to get work done in his garage.  He will go out of his way to make sure you get back on the road safely and sometime faster.  Came to Dominic as a customer, left as a friend. Not only he have a vast knowledge on Subaru , he also have experience on domestic as he spent a few years working for Chevy and teaching other mechanics on the side.  If you want great work done, flatline is the way to go."

Max - ★★★★★

" Without a doubt, Dom is one of the most dedicated, hard working mechanics in the field. His working knowledge of the Subaru is second to none, and his level of expertise is on par with techs in older generations. He will not rest until your job is completed... And completed right. I trust him with every aspect of my car. He's the kind of guy you can call for a piece of advice, or beg for help in pinch when you've got an emergency. His work ethic coupled with his genuine care for his customers makes him one of the best mechanics around.   2006 Subaru STi "